Sustainable Management of Resources Solutions

Natural and man-maid resources are the backbone of the economy, adding to the wealth and promoting living standards. However, by fully exploiting our stock today we diminish the share of our generations to come, so our responsibility is to maintain a fair share for all, especially of the scarce and vital resources. Moreover, the consequences onto the environment may induce more risks, a fact to take into serious consideration also.

EUROCORE Consulting scope of activities in the area aims to make possible for creating more value to planned output with less input. This is possible through the resource-efficiency strategy, in-line with the EU 2020 Strategy for a smart, inclusive and sustainable economy, supporting the structural and technological changes needed for effective use of resources and the minimization of the waste. Nevertheless, the social issues about the valorization of the natural resources and of the environmental protection services, the rights of the under-developed to the global wealth and development, and the nature and extent of the public administration’s intervention, are parts of our interests.

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