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Eurocore our people

EUROCORE Consulting sprl as a consulting firm has a specific aim, that is to assist other entities to capture and efficiently solve business issues; it is also that we have to provide expertise to several different fields using a variety of disciplines. To adapt to every such situation our organization is based on a simple, two-part, fast-reactive organization scheme.

Its first part is the core business unit, where management, administration, financial, legal and marketing functions are exercised by a small team of executives organizing and running the day-by-day business.

Its second part is the pool of its experts to provide consulting and to develop solutions to problems. This part heavily depends and angles from the vast pool of associates of the mother company GEP SA. The later, with its more than 320 highly seasoned engineers and medical doctors, offers a wide range of specialties and skills to man all tasks in projects undertaken, cooperating also with other ad-hoc specialists, as the needs may arise. Altogether and shaped in work-teams and business units they are assigned to the company’s projects.

Our mother company