Let’s pass the word! Dig_IT project is on the go!

EUROCORE Consulting sprl., the recent member of GEP Group of Companies, participates in the Dig_IT project under HORIZON 2020 (Research and Innovation Action). Dig_IT (full title: “A Human-centered Internet of Things Platform for the Sustainable Digital Mine of the Future”) was recently launched (beginning of May 2020) and addresses the needs of the mining industry to move forward towards a sustainable use of resources, while keeping people and environment at the forefront of their priorities. To achieve this, Dig_IT proposes the development of a smart Industrial Internet of Things platform, to improve the efficiency and sustainability of mining operations. The platform will connect cyber and physical systems through data collection from sensors at 3 stages: (i) human, (ii) assets, (iii) environment, and shall incorporate both real-time and historical market data.

The project is implemented by a consortium of 16 partners from 8 EU countries, with the Technological Institute of Aragon, Spain being the coordinator.

EUROCORE is leading the development of the safety culture rule-based methodology, whilst it will support also the development of the intelligent toolbox for OHSE, as well as the analysis of the existing standards related to the project.

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Stay tuned to learn more about the project progress!


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