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EUROCORE Consulting sprl, a Member of the GEP Group of companies, proudly opens here its site to its esteemed visitors, to explore its business and services, as well as its values, methods of operation and organization.

EUROCORE Consulting sprl is a young, fast-growing company providing multi-sectoral expert consultancy and professional technical support to firms and organizations in the private and public sectors, across all areas of its specialization. Moreover, the company focuses on its participation, alone or in partnership, to the implementation of projects financed under the European Union and other international initiatives.

In all its endeavors the company is engaged responsibly and efficiently, working in close cooperation with all stakeholders and using its best resources, targeting the finest result. Every task undertaken is welcomed by the company as a challenge pushing its boundaries a bit further, making it rather an opportunity for improvement, than just another accomplishment.

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Our Values

EUROCORE Consulting sprl is an independent consultant committed to excellency. We strive to valorize the outcome of our work and services with the due quality, responsibility and timeliness, as our response to duty and to trust endowed.

  • We are committed to earning the confidence of our clients and meeting their exact requirements.
  • We appreciate opportunities and challenges, helping us to explore new and more demanding areas and to broaden our perspectives.
  • We trust our employees and associates and encourage all to provide views and opinions to make our work and results even better.
  • We enhance our dynamic and scope of activities with external resources, carefully selected.
  • We believe in sustainable development and we deem our social responsibility role in all possible ways and areas of application.
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